Moving Forward

Last week I came up with a few, personal, sustainability goals that I felt would make an immediate difference in my everyday life. If I remember correctly, they are: 1) Drink less soda 2) Buy a reusable container 3) Reduce energy usage in my own room/buy a power strip 4) Take shorter showers. So far, I think I am doing well with most of these. I bought a thermos for everyday usage and I usually make tea in it for classes. I don’t have to buy anything from the vending machines anymore which is quite nice. I know those dollars will add up eventually. It also stops me from adding to the waste of the school, even if they can be recycled. I have found that I run out of tea pretty quickly throughout the day so I started bringing more tea bags with me to stop me from drinking soda. I guess I’m killing two birds with one stone there.

I also scrounged around at home and found some power strips that apparently no one was using. Good news for me, right? I have just about all of my commonly used electronics plugged into one strip and when I remember, I make sure to shut it off before I leave for the day. I forgot a couple times because I was in a rush. I’ll have to think of something that helps me remember. Maybe I’ll leave my laptop on that side of the desk instead of near my bed because I bring my laptop with me everywhere.

The last thing is my most difficult task to modify: shorter showers. I don’t like singing in the shower so I let my phone play internet radio on its own battery. I’m still working on a solution to that.

As for this week, I’d say my goals are to figure out some sort of musically limited shower solution and try and convince my mom to become more sustainable. I’ll start small with her the same way I started. Travel mugs, eating out less, and eventually buying new light bulbs for the house. We definitely need them. Especially in a house with 4 guys who are terrible at shutting lights off.

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