Michael Broadbent’s Efficient Dorm – Week 3

Week 3.  Not much has changed.  I continue to endlessly march forward in my quest to live more efficiently.  But the march has become a slog – I’ve figured out all of the obvious issues.  I’ve even decided on a solution for the water situation (I’ve begun buying much larger containers of water and using more re-usable containers).  Once all creative solutions and free-thinking are through, all that’s left is repetition and work.  There’s no excitement to that!  What joy is there to be found in doing the same thing I did yesterday?  Is it really an accomplishment, continuing to do something I’m already doing?  Or am I simply setting my own standards too high – looking for constant improvement at a rate that is simply unrealistic?

Perhaps I should review what I’ve done from the beginning.  I’ve ensured that all my unused appliances and electronics are unplugged whenever possible.  I’ve begun taking shorter showers.  I’ve made sure to recycle anything that can be recycled.  Lastly, I’ve changed the way I acquire drinking water to reduce waste.  I drive less so as to conserve gas.  When I list everything I’ve done in a row like that, it doesn’t seem like a lot.  Read aloud, it sounds almost as if I’ve barely begun.  But there isn’t much that I do in my life.  I’m the kind of person who’s satisfied with little more than a computer and perhaps a book or two.  However, in any situation, there is always improvement to be made – fat to be cut.  There is more that I can do.  There has to be.  I just have to figure out what, why, and how.

Maybe I need to re-analyze things I take for granted.  What kind of potentially waste-creating things do I do that are so “normal” that I don’t even think about it?  Perhaps I… use too many napkins?  After all, disposable paper DOES end up as waste.  But what’s the alternative?  Using a washable cloth of some kind would create less paper-waste, sure, but the water and soap usage would just cancel out any efficiency gained.  Should I eat more food that doesn’t need to be cooked?  Stop using heat or air conditioning when I’m in my car?  Become a hermit in the woods, and live off the land?

I’m definitely over-thinking this, but hey, at least it makes for moderately interesting blogging.  My internal conflict and slow descent into madness will likely continue next week.  I’m going to have to start getting needlessly poetic to keep these things interesting!  STAY TUNED.

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