King Korn: My Response

King Korn is a documentary that anyone who eats things other than what comes directly from the security of their own backyard should watch. With that said, I’m pretty sure that covers just about anyone. It’s really a shame that people seem to have less and less control over their food choices. The industrialization of large-scale food harvesting and preparation have lead Americans, along with other citizens of developed countries, to grow the economy and boost production. This is great, but there comes a point when people need to question how much is too much? How much are people willing to sacrifice (their health and nutrition) in exchange for cost of production?

This film made it very apparent to me that people and corporations are willing to completely lose sight over the things that make them and their valued customers healthy, if they can achieve growth or save money along the way.  Saving money will allow customers to spend their money on other things to make their life “great.”  I wonder how people are able to enjoy these things in life if they are medically and mentally unhealthy after consuming cheap, highly processed, and nutrition-deficient food?

This is where my sustainability goal comes in to play. I want to find out what it means for my body physically as I begin to avoid foods that are not only deficient in nutrients, but come with a high carbon output. Pretty much anything processed means it takes more energy to produce it, ultimately resulting in higher carbon emissions. Everything, from the tractors that harvest genetically-modified corn, the factories that produce products like high fructose corn syrup, and the slaughterhouses that warehouse cattle, add to a packaged item’s carbon footprint. Pretty much anything you consume out of an individualized package has a story behind it of how it got to that point.

By avoiding consumption of these things, I’m not only creating a lot less waste but lessening the demand for processed foodstuffs. My body is benefiting and so is the environment. I just hope more people are able to hop on the bandwagon. It hasn’t exactly been easy to start eating healthier, but I’m noticing some changes, mainly changes with the amount of money being spent on junk food.  I don’t think my consumption of junk food is dramatic enough for my body to feel healthier, but I’m hoping that that is coming next.

I’ve been pretty bad about getting Frosty’s at my school’s Wendy’s every so often, but now whenever I eat beef or dairy products I imagine the plight of those cornfed cattle. I imagine the amount of disgusting, sawdust-like corn they eat, and imagine it going into my body. That’s enough to discourage me from eating it.  Yick. Thank you, Diana, for encouraging me to sit through that documentary! It was really difficult to stomach at times, but I feel that it will assist me in achieving my goals of a healthier environment and a healthier lifestyle. My body thanks you.

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