An interesting Weekend…

Hello Everyone,

My post this week does not directly relate to sustainability yet it is a reflection on the events I have attended through the SouthCoast Energy Challenge this week. The events this week were particularly interesting.  As an intern promoting sustainability, I was surprised that I fit in as easily as I did at events that did not appear to be sustainability events.

On Saturday, March 1st, I attended a holistic fair in Swansea, MA at “The Soul Purpose”. For those that do not know, a holistic lifestyle incorporates organic and usually unorthodox ways of curing illnesses and improving quality of life. Many homeopathic remedies offer different ways of helping the body through the use of “alternative medicine”. Whether you believe in this or not, I believe it is interesting to see nontraditional ways of healing, especially because people in Western culture take  pills like candy and regard what doctors say as gospel.  Many of the people pursuing a holistic lifestyle also have a positive outlook on life and their energy makes it enjoyable just to be around them. At first, I unsure whether our table, focusing  on saving energy, would fit in —  but the close-knit culture and the people at the event took well to us and we ended up talking to a lot of people there and new members joined the challenge! This was the first holistic fair they hosted, but they plan to do it again and I hope we will join them there when they do.

In another eye-opening event, I participated in a church service at the Unitarian Church in Fairhaven. Never having been to a Unitarian service, I was surprised to sing songs about Jesus and zip right into a lesson about Hinduism and Lord Vishnu a few moments later. This church draw inspiration  from a variety of sources for religion or spiritual guidance.  I can  see how Unitarianism is known as the more “liberal” religion and how many members are considered open-minded.  Joining them after the service, it was quite tricky finding people who had not had an energy assessment done already. It was good to see that these people were open-minded not only in faith but also about helping others to reach  a common goal of saving the environment. I hope that the events I go to in the future will be as intriguing as the ones I experienced this weekend.

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