Two Easy Ways to Conserve Water

My family likes to take advantage of any opportunity to save resources. Here are easy and simple ideas to try:

Take a pitcher, old milk gallon or even watering pot that you don’t normally use and place it by any sink or shower. While you are running the faucet and waiting for it to warm up to a certain temperature, use the container you’ve placed by the sink or shower to collect the water that is too cold and would end up running down the drain. Use that water to water plants or use it for something else.

Another way to conserve water may seem odd, but has been surprisingly successful for me. I take a Gatorade bottle (any similar plastic bottle will work) and fill it up with water.  I then take the back lid off of my toilet so that I can place the bottle in the corner or in a secure tight space so it doesn’t move. When the toilet is used it will fill the back compartment with water until an apparatus signals the water level is high enough. The Gatorade bottle will displace 20 oz. of water, saving that much with every flush. This water savings will add up; plus, you’re not throwing away a plastic bottle but putting it to good use.

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