Dustin’s Sustainability Goal

It’s hard balancing school, work, volunteering, studying, clubs, and socialization with friends during the semesters, but it seems that the times when I am the busiest is when I am the happiest.

It’s hard to set sustainability goals when you’re a college student. Personally, I don’t own a car, I use public transportation; I recycle as much of the little waste I produce; and I conserve electricity as much as I can.

That is why my sustainability goal is to help out the bike group on campus. Personally, I hate bikes, but I do longboard. I want a lot nicer paths on campus for commuting  from resident hall to class; and I intend to lobby to get it. I want to help plan out better routes so more people are incentivized to be active and bike and longboard to class; thus reducing carbon emissions from local students.



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