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Not to be cliché, but I felt like I was born with a destiny to make a difference in the world. Throughout my life, I have made progress toward my goal of saving the environment. As early as age three, I realized the difference in environmental quality when my family visited Taiwan. The smog and strong smell of sulfur filled the air in Taipei. The air pollution was so strong that my eyes watered continuously. When I came home from the awful environmental conditions in China, I knew that I didn’t want the same thing to happen in America. So I took the first step and began recycling in my home. This wasn’t a popular thing to do at the time, but I knew the benefits of recycling would pay off in the long run.

In middle school I expanded upon my recycling efforts. At my house, I designed an entire composting system to reduce the amount of trash that we produced. This helped me to reduce so much trash that we only had one bag of trash per month. This was also the age that I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in environmental engineering.

In high school I become involved in major actions.  I joined the Seekonk Land Conservation Trust, meeting people in the environmental field. I was nominated to the Recycling Committee, placing me in a political position to make changes in the recycling program in my town.

I’ve taken a lot of steps to implement change, but I realized that I needed to speed up the process to spread the word and educate the public. This is when the opportunity to work for the SouthCoast Energy Challenge came along. It was the perfect outlet to share my passion for preserving the environment and educating the public. This semester, as a lead intern, I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and guiding the new interns to a successful semester.

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