Romina’s Sustainability Goal

Start Date: February 15th, 2014 (1:00 PM) 

My goals for the next 60 days are:

  • To stop using plastic bags
  • To stop eating out
  • To turn the heat down when I  leave your house

To Accomplish This:

  • Actions needed to achieve my goals?
  • To stop plastic bags usage:
  • Make sure to have reusable bags in my car at all times.
  • Remind myself my goal (Sticky notes in my car, refrigerator, doors etc.)
  • Conditioning myself to complete my goal.
  • Do more research about the topic to learn more and stay engage on my mission.
  • To stop eating out:
  • Write down the things I want to cook for the week.
  • Go grocery shopping & bring my OWN REUSABLE BAGS!
  • Keep a food journal
  • Try to engage the ones around me to do the same.
  • To turn heat down when leaving the house and unplug electronics:
  • Make sure to have reminders around the house and in my car.
  • Write down a list and check it off daily.
  • What resources are at my disposal?
    • Grocery Stores
    • Farmers Markets
    • Quality time with friends and family
  • What is the barrier to my success?
  • Giving into what’s easy and convenient
  • Feeling pressure by friends
  • What is the plan?
    • Stay Motivated
    • Look at new recipes and keep it interesting
    • Involve family and friends
    • Track days accomplished
    • Acknowledge the difference I’m making
  • What are you going to do to remember?
    • STICKY NOTES (my new best friend)
    • Phone Reminders
    • My Journal
    • Updating my blog
  • How often will I be doing this?
    • I want to make it a lifestyle
    • Aim to not go out to eat for the next 60 days and after completing my goal, go out to eat only once a week.
  • Who can I ask help from?
    • Family, friends, boyfriend and coworkers.
  • What will I earn if I succeed?
    • Personal satisfaction for completing my goal and making a change.
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Save money
    • Make better eating choices
  • What happens if I fail?
    • Continue my bad habits, lose the chance to save money, and not be able to contribute to reducing my carbon footprint. 

We’ll see what happens! I have a very good feeling about this. Stay Tuned for updates of my challenge. 

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