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The numbers are staggering. I spent a long researching and crunching the numbers and admit that I am embarrassed to even share my findings.  However, follow through with commitments, so here it is..

My family’s food CO2 is above average at 47,313 lbs/week.

I expected we would come out above average which, in the case of CO2 consumption, is obviously not a good thing.

What shocks and shames me is our ratio of CO2 consumed by eating out versus eating at home.

Our take home groceries averages 15,711 lbs/CO2 per week. This means the difference of 31,602 lbs is accumulated by eating out.

For every one meal we eat at/from home, we eat out twice? Or maybe the  a 2:1 ratio is  based on the fact that I could buy a wee’ks worth of groceries on what is spent on one meal out?

These are preliminary findings and additional work is required.


Home – 6.2%
Travel -16.1%
Food – 66.6%
Your Totals: 47,313lbs CO2
Average Household of 4 people: 30,395lbs CO2

Stuff – 3.3%
Trash – 7.8%

Tomorrow marks seven days and I can tell you this:

My saving go-to food this week has been spinach wraps. A big box of organic spinach costs $7. The healthy(ish) oat/flax wraps I buy are also about $7 and there are 8 wraps in a package. (I buy two at a time) The hom made salad dressing I make from plain greek yogurt with seasonings costs approx $7 too! WOW. The power of 7’s! I didn’t plan that or make it up. And it trumps my 6’s above. (Did anyone else notice the 6’s? yikes!)

This means that, for $28, I can make SIXTEEN meals! For a family of four, that’s about the cost of one trip to the worst, cheapest, fast food places there is. I think I picked a great goal for us and see nothing but good for all of us coming from this.

I hope to share not only a reduced carbon footprint, but financial benefits soon

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