Talking the talk…walking the walk.

I’ve always been a private person —  sharing my feelings only with friends— which is ironic because I’ve been in the mass communications business for many years.   A blog…no way.   Now that I need to blog as an intern for the SouthCoast Energy Challenge, I have to re-think my reluctance about publicly sharing my thoughts. Why am I so reluctant? Worried that I will seem self-absorbed? Afraid of making a fool of myself or being held accountable for my actions?

However, when I think about why I am enthusiastic about interning at the Challenge, I think it’s time for me to go public.   I moved to the South Coast for several reasons.   I love the special quality of life  here and want to preserve and improve it by protecting the environment; that’s why I was immediately drawn to the SouthCoast Energy Challenge.   I also have gotten a second chance at life — changing personal habits that were leading me to increased disability, depression and maybe even an early death — and now want a fresh start in an area where I can lead a healthy lifestyle. I am grateful for my blessings and want to share my time and talents to help my new community.

My personal re-invention syncs well with the SouthCoast Energy Challenge.   I have to persevere to change long-held bad lifestyle habits to restore my health.   It is still tough to do the healthy thing rather than making excuses.   It is always going to be tough but well worth it..  The Challenge is asking all of us to change bad habits to make a brighter future for us and our community.

So what’s my plan for making changes in my life to reduce how I waste energy?  I eat healthy and stay physically active.   However,  my internship has made me realize that I can do a lot better by wasting less food and relying less on take-out meals and overly packaged foods from the supermarket.   I often use excuses — being tired or the stress of relocating to a new area — to avoid planning ahead to cook at home.  I throw out far too many take-out containers and food packaging. My trash  winds up in landfills and degrades the environment.   I need to change although I know that it won’t be easy.   It’s scary to publicly state that I want to change my wasteful behavior.   I cannot simply talk the talk; I must now walk the walk.  My first step is to plan menus for the coming week so I will be less tempted to grab something on the way home.  I will let you know how I do next week.

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