Lucas’ personal sustainability goals

I’ve begun to make changes in my life and now hope that I can get my family on board as well.

I’ll begin by recommending no products with individual or excess packaging. Most things we enjoy, even snacks, can me made out of basic ingredients and be transported in washable containers. Soda has long since been removed from our diet but, in order to consume less juice, I’ll recommend cutting it with water.

Another thing we’ve done well is compost. My father has always been a farmer so that one’s been a no-brainer. However, we have a tendency to toss out tuna cans and paperboard. I have  begun to recycle all  paper/paperboard through my school. I will attempt to recycle the aluminum and get my family to be involved in the recycling of aluminum and paper. I already have plans to use separated bins to make the process easier. We can be neglectful at times, but labeled bins will be a constant reminder.

If we succeed, I’ll be happy to know we have lessened our carbon footprint. I do expect that we’ll make some mistakes —  and my sister will be especially hard to convince – but overall any failure will be an example and a lesson learned.


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