Intern Adventures! Taking the Challenge

Well, it’s February 18th 10:47 am and I’m taking some time to relax in between my classes. So far, my adventures as an intern have been pretty interesting and very educational. Just one day since  the end of training and everything is beginning to sink in.   I have learned a lot about sustainability over the past few days.   Although I probably did not learn anything new about  carbon and its impact on the environment, training has caused me to reflect more on sustainability rather than casually viewing something about the sad state of the planet on TV, Facebook or Tumblr — only to forget about it moments later.   I now take time to consider the consequences of climate change  and to consider my own life choices and how they affect the planet.

We can do so much to reduce waste and carbon pollution but people are sometimes afraid to change because they are unfamiliar with them.   We also tend to procrastinate (or be lazy) when we are reluctant to change,  such as not wanting to use Tupperware (and then having to wash them) rather than using disposable plastic bags.     We often live in a state of denial about the sad fate of our planet if we continue to treat it like a wasteland. It is time for people to wake up.

I would be a hypocrite if I did not admit to my own lack of sustainability at times. In fact, intern training prompted me to consider how my own habits negatively affect  my carbon footprint and the environment.  I know that I need to improve my own behavior and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  My first goal is simply to try to decrease the amount of things I consume that have individualized wrappers and packaging (ie. candy bars, chips, tv dinners).   These items are loaded with unhealthy preservatives and the packaging is killing the environment. I’m hoping that this sustainability goal will help me to feel healthier, save money and learn how to create homemade dishes.

Throughout the next few weeks I’m going to keep track of the times I eat things with excessive packaging. I also plan on monitoring any changes in weight and energy level. Every week I’ll be checking in and I might even share a few snazzy graphs of illustrations!

Wish me luck!

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