Crystal’s Sustainability Goal

When tasked to create a sustainability goal for this semester, I was inspired by the example given in our “What is Sustainability?” SEC lecture. The questions below were posed in for the initial goal setting phase and I am finding them very useful/helpful in organizing my start of this goal.

What is my goal?
Eat out less in general. Starting with a 30 day “convenience” food “fast”. Do not eat out for 30 days, followed by 1x per week… or less.

What actions are needed?
Meal Plans
Sufficient Groceries on hand
Willpower, not giving in to convenience.

Resources at my disposal:

Grocery stores –
How On Earth/ Down to Earth; local healthy connections
Ability to cook
SEMAP- Local food/ farms

What is my plan?

Calculate previous months grocery budget vs cost of eating out to motivate not only myself, but my entire family to participate.

What am I going to do to remember?
Make leftovers of large meals into individual meals for later, freezing excess.

How often am I going to do this?
Aim to not eat out for a consistent 30 days. Leading to an ongoing 1 week or less.

Who can help me?
Friends, family, coworkers.

Barriers to success?
Schedule/Time Management

What do I earn if I succeed?
Reduced carbon footprint, potentially saved income, better health.

What happens if you fail?
Loss of potentially saved income, missed opportunity in additional reduction in carbon footprint.

….Stay tuned for carbon footprint calculations, financial, and meal updates.

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