Catherine’s Sustainability Goal

My goal for this semester, and hopefully for a longer period of time, is to reduce or eliminate the usage of plastic cups and/or Styrofoam when buying coffee. Here’s my plan of action, while answering the questions presented during the training:

1. Describe the actions needed to achieve that goal, in detail: 

I will make sure I have clean, reusable cups ready in the morning.  I am hoping that I won’t even buy a coffee from a franchise and just make it at home. Also, I am planning on keeping a spare mug in my car, just in case I forget.

2. What resources are at your disposal?

Homemade coffee, the number of reusable cups that I own, and the willpower that I have to accomplish this.

3. What are you going to do to remember?

I am going to set an alarm to remind me when I get up, and planning on leaving my reusable cup either by the door or by my coffee machine.

4. How often are you going to do this?

The plan is for this spring semester, but I am hoping that the habit will stick and I will continue with it for a longer period of time.

5. What do I earn if I succeed?

First of all, I will help to reduce my carbon footprint. I will also be saving money with using my reusable cup or just by making coffee at home.

I was reading an article the other day on the Earth Resource Foundation website about the effects of Styrofoam on the environment. Styrofoam contains a chemical called Styrene that can be released into your food or coffee when heated up. There are some minor and major health effects that go along with that. In addition to that, if you think you’re recycling your Styrofoam, you’re more than likely not. Plants that recycle Styrofoam are becoming increasingly obsolete, so all those products that we thought we were recycling are just going to the landfills.


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