New Action Steps In the Bag

In my apartment, I am known as the guy who will go far out of my way to be environmentally helpful. Accidentally turning off the lights while my roommates are still in the room has happened on multiple occasions, but they know I mean well. My roommates are not as aware of environmental issues but, thankfully after one semester, we have reduced our electricity bill by almost half and our recycle bin needs to be emptied three times as much as our trash can.

Now as an intern at the Southcoast Energy Challenge, I have already learned so many new ways to reduce my waste. My favorite tip so far has been bringing Tupperware to restaurants instead of accepting Styrofoam containers. Beyond reducing my waste, this allows me to keep my title of Tupperware King. In the summer, I place a bucket in the shower while the water heats up, then use that bucket to water the plants around the house. My newest action has been covering my pots when cooking. This may not sound like much, but when a poor college student cooks pasta and soup every day of the week, this step helps more than I thought. Though I may not see the results right away, knowing that this helps is enough for now.

What I will try to do next is bring my own bag to the supermarket. I have an enormous bag of plastic bags in the kitchen, but it is much better to never have taken them in the first place. However, I have forgotten my reusable bags twice since I pledged to take this step.  I  lessened the potential waste by packing in everything in one bag and carrying as many items as I could in my arms. I may need to move the bags closer to the door so I remember next time. What do I have to gain from this? Knowing that I will be making less of a negative impact certainly helps, and I will have less plastic bags (that I plan to recycle, of course) building up in the kitchen.

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