Energy Resolutions

Happy 20-14

Consider these Energy saving actions for 2014

Bring your own bags (not only to the grocery store, but to department stores and the mall too!)
Use your own refillable mug (cup, mason jar, etc)
Wash your clothes in cold water (almost always. unless you have some really tough stains, it’s almost never necessary to use warm/hot water)
Turn off your car. 2 minutes of idling= 1 mile of driving (at drive through banks, fast food, ATMs… this can really add up!) (P.s. Even the oldest of cars only need 30 seconds to “warm” up)
Get your oil changed and tires rotated regularly. Check your tire pressure.
Reduce waste by purchasing very limited pre-packaged food items.
Recycle, recycle, recycle!
Upgrade your home thermostats to digital programmable thermostats. (Take the guess work out of sliding and turning your heat up and down by setting it to a comfortable level)
Incandescent light bulbs are OUT. They will be completely phased out of the retail market in 2014. Get LEDs as soon as you can afford to, use CFLs in the meantime.

That’s a good start.

I personally do most of this already, so, I’ve added “Buy Worms” to my list so we can start a small indoor compost 🙂

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