Dunkin runs on styrofoam

Quoted from the Dunkin Donuts website itself:

Why doesn’t Dunkin’ Donuts use recycled paper coffee cups?
Dunkin’ Donuts is committed to selling fresh brewed coffee in containers that are safe for the consumer. Our foam cup is one of the strongest in the industry and it insulates better than paper cups we have tested. By using foam, we are reducing the added waste that occurs with double cupping, cup sleeves and/or extra napkins. In addition, foam cups are recyclable, paper cups are not, and we encourage you to check with your local/municipal-recycling program as to whether or not they will accept #6 plastic.

The town of Dartmouth and New Bedford Massachusetts use the Crapo landfill, where styrofoam is NOT recyclable.

If your coffee cup cannot go into the recycle bin, and Dunkin Donuts will not take ownership.. what ever shall you do? The cup is inevitably going to end up on the side of the road or filling our nearly full landfills.

For $5.99 for a hot and cold travel mug to $8.99 a 22 oz cold beverage sipper, reusable cups can solve this problem.


Each Dunkin Donuts runs differently, but some will give discounts for using their more sustainable cups and charge for a small coffee which saves atleast 50 cents on every cup.


So skip the double cupping and pollution and switch to bringing your own cup to the coffee shop!!





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