Solar Phone Charger!

Walk into any store, classroom, restaurant or home and look around at the people you see.  I guarantee that half of them (especially the younger generation) have their eyes glued to the screen of their smartphone.  Since the iPhone was released in 2007, it has gained tremendous popularity. In 2011 alone, Apple sold 72 million iPhones.  I, myself, have had an iPhone for a few years, and I find that having the Internet in my pocket is incredibly useful.

I’m not the crazy texter type, and I much prefer to read a book than to be on a computer or a cell phone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to charge my phone.  I may not charge it as often as some, but it still needs to be done.  Every time I need to charge my phone, it gets plugged into a wall outlet and uses the power that my lovely coal-burning electric company has so kindly provided for me. So, when I came across this product, I immediately thought, “Waaaay Cool!”

Misemet Company has some really awesome green products, one being the Soladec Hybrid Solar Power Charger.  This really neat charger works for most USB devices, such as the iPhone or Andriod phones.  Not only does this charge your smartphone, or iPod, or whatever other nifty USB device you have, but it also has and LED light in case you’re stuck in the dark somewhere.  In addition the Lithium battery can hold its charge for up to two years, which could really come in handy in case of a power outage (oh no!) when you feel disconnected from the world.

Just in case you aren’t basking in the sun, you can still plug this charger into the wall or a USB outlet to juice it up so you can charge your devices on the go. I was just talking to a 16-year-old girl who told me she charges her phone four times a day (….what!?).  I would love to buy her this, and I think anyone that is constantly searching for an outlet to charge their things should invest.

The Soladec charger has fantastic reviews across the board.  Although I don’t personally own one (yet), others really seem to be loving it. Of the reviews on Amazon, an overwhelming majority gave this product four or five stars.  The biggest critic, who still gave the product three stars, was an engineer, who, of course, had to point out design flaws.  However, he still mentioned great functionality. He just would have made it more watertight, you know, in case you think it’s a good idea to charge this device outside on a cloudy, rainy day. (And why would you ever do that, anyway?)

The Soladec Hybrid Solar Power Charger is not sold directly from the manufacturer online, rather from other companies. The cheapest that I found this product was around $78, new on Amazon.  I think it seems like a really cool product, and I definitely think I’ll look into it.  If anyone else has tried this, let me know what you think!

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