Roads made of Solar Panels!


Imagine if, instead of asphalt, our roads, parking lots, and driveways were made of solar panels.  Now imagine if these solar panels could also be heated to melt snow and ice.  This would prevent roads from becoming dangerously slippy without the use of salt and sand which can be hazardous to the surrounding environment (not to mention that stuff gets our cars dirty!).  Further imagine if these panels had LED lights set in to mark lanes, instead of painting and repainting lines on the road.  This would make them easier to see in the dark and during the rain.  Imagine if these solar roadways also doubled as a power grid–no more power outages due to storms, broken wires and telephone poles falling down.  Soon we won’t need to imagine all this!  This is where the Solar Roadways project, founded by Julie and Scott Brusaw, comes in.  Their goal is the turn the above dream into a reality.  To learn more and help out, visit the links below!

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