Algae Lamp! Revolutionizing Energy Production.

Algae lamps have the abilityto collect more CO2 than trees.  Energy production through algae plants is being researched, and there are products like lamps being designed and developed to harness this energy. Researchers at Stanford have been studying the electrical current that algae plants produce during photosynthesis, a plants way of creating energy by converting sunlight into chemical energy.  Scientists have been developing lamps that will generate electricity from algae, and are revolutionizing the way we produce energy. So Cool!

These lamps work by collecting CO2 and sunlight, which causes the algae to undergo photosynthesis. During the photosynthesis process, the algae lamp charges a battery that will then release light. I think lamps like these will be a great way to reduce electricity consumption from dirty energy like coal, oil, and gas. The lamps even look cool, while at the same time making the air cleaner and lighting the world.

Light Up Latro Algae Pet Looks Like Beaker Of Green Goo

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