Wondering why your car’s mpg is lower in the winter?

Lately I’ve been realizing that I seem to be going to the gas station a lot more often than I was a few months ago.  At first I thought it was because I was driving more, but then I looked at my car’s computer and realized that my MPGs were lower.  Has anyone else ever realized that your car used more gas in the winter?

I did some research to try and found out why.  I learned that there are three main reasons for lower MPGs in the winter.  I also included a link to a useful article below.

1.  In the winter the many people start up their cars earlier before driving so that the car will be warm, and in order to help melt the snow while cleaning off their cars.

2. Oil is thicker increasing friction and decreasing engine efficiency.

3. Gasoline is a mixture of different chemicals, and in the winter gasoline tends to contain more butane while lowers efficiency.

As for increasing MPGs, check out the second link with tips for pumping gas.  Let us know if they work?



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