Green Android Apps

As promised here is a blog highlighting some great and free green android apps.  Just a fair warning, I don’t have an android phone, so can’t vouch firsthand for these apps.  If anyone has used them or has any other great green apps, please write about them in the comments!


Find Green – This app helps you to find Green businesses, including farmers’ markets, recycling centers, and local businesses.






Green Driving Gauge – This app checks your driving for high speeds, frequent braking, and fast acceleartion.  Then it tells how you can drive more efficiently.






My Planet – Calculate your carbon footprint, and see how your everyday choices make an impact on the world.






Green Tips – This app is exactly what it sounds like: a list of green tips.  Don’t worry there are new tips event he most environmentally-conscious won’t know.






GoodGuide – This app is also available on the iPhone.  It tell you whether products are safe, healthy, green, and responsible or not.







  My Recycle List – Also available on the iPhone.  This app helps you find recycling centers and tells you what recyclables they take.






  Go Green – This app also has green tips, but it rates your “greenness”.





There you have it seven green android apps!  Like I said before I haven’t personally used these apps, so please share your opinions below in the comments.  Also let us know about other green apps.

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