Update the Bottle Bill!


Recycling, what’s the point?


In Massachusetts we burn and bury a billion of recyclable bottles every year. That means that otherwise recyclable goods are taking up space in landfills and incinerators. Currently the Massachusetts Bottle Bill , which is the 5cent deposit put on soda and beer,  doesn’t cover energy drinks, water bottles, or juice containers. This means a lot of waste and a lot of pollution.

My biggest problem with this bill is that a lot of the containers that are not currently covered under the bill are the exact same bottles as their soda counterparts. Let’s take a Coke bottle and a Dasani bottle, when they’re empty they are the the same bottle or pretty close to the same bottle. So, why is one bottle covered and the other isn’t? It’s because big bottling companies, supermarkets, and their lobbyists are fighting against updating the bill, and have been for the past 14years.

Recycle! Be an activist for recycling incentive legislation!


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