Solar for all!!

Do we have something to learn from a small island-nation of which many of us have never heard… most of all about using solar energy?File:Tokelau on the globe (Polynesia centered).svg

Tokelau, a small island-nation located near New Zealand, is planning to have the entire country run off solar energy. Although only about 1,700 citizens, Tokelau will soon be using solar panels to provide approximately 90% of the island’s energy needs. If and when the power were to go out, a back-up system comprised of batteries (charged from the solar panels) will take the burden of supplying energy in the meantime.

According to 3News (New Zealand), the project’s cost is $9 million New Zealand dollars ($7.3 million US) and will pay for itself within 5 years and have a project-life of roughly 20 years. Expected to launch in September, many nearby islands, namely Tuvalu, Somoa and the Cook Islands, have taken notice and have had preliminary talks about using solar to supply a large amount of energy the their populations as well.

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