What Happens If We Don’t Recycle?

You turn into a green alien forced to live underground for the rest of your life. Just kidding! Of course that doesn’t happen to you, but there are other consequences to not recycling like:


There are different ways the earth can be polluted. The styrofoam you use with your morning coffee pollutes the ground by leaking the harmful chemicals into the soil. Enough of those chemicals can cause cancer. The air gets polluted every time you get into your car. I’m not saying to ride a bike everywhere, but walking to the other side of the plaza instead of driving your car is healthier (plus you get a mini workout)! Plastic particles from water bottles and cosmetics pollute our water, which is why it is always better to recycle them!


Landfills are were your trash and debris goes. By throwing everything away and not reusing or recycling them will cause the landfill to fill up. They start to smell horrible and end up being toxic from all the harmful chemicals coming from styrofoam, batteries, microwaves, cleaning supplies, and other household products.  Just by recycling cardboard, paper, and plastic there will be a lot less junk in the landfills. These items also have chemicals in them and while not being harmful to us by touching them, they are harmful to the soil once the break down and thus becoming harmful to us.


By not reusing, reducing, and recycling we are destroying habitats. Nothing lasts forever including our environment. All the trees being cut down to make items are not growing at a rate fast enough to replenish what we’ve taken. This accounts for all other aspects of nature as well. Oil is a nonrenewable resource because it takes more than 25 years for the earth to make oil. Also oil comes from fossils and it takes a very long time for the fossilization process to happen. We will end up running out of resources to use if we don’t reuse the resources we have now. Also animals will have nowhere else to live and can encroach to our cities and towns trying to find a place to live or worse, become extinct.

While not recycling or taking an interest in what happens to the environment may not hurt you now, but once you’re older 20/30 years it will. It will effect your children and your grandchildren like it has effected us now.

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