What It Really Means to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

We all know the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, well now I can show you ways to do also while saving money!


– Reduce the use of gas by riding bikes, walking, carpooling, or taking a bus to a local event or just going out shopping. This will help you save a lot of money with gas prices going up again.

– Waste less water by taking shorter showers, shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth, and filling up the dishwasher all the way.

– Reduce your energy bill by turning off the lights, instead use the natural light from windows. Also shut off the tv, appliances, and any games when not in use.

– Unplugging appliances such as toasters, video game consoles, and chargers when not in use gets rid of the phantoms in your home. Meaning you aren’t wasting electricity or money.


– While shopping at the mall or grocery store take a reusable canvas shopping bag. Not all of them are ugly; they can be cute as well! This gets rid of all the plastic bags in the trash.

– Take a reusable mug or cup to your coffee shop and they will fill it up. I take my cup and get charged for a small (even though it’s slightly bigger!). Then you can take it anywhere with you such as work, shopping, rides, games, practically anywhere and they barely ever spill!

– Instead of buying paper plates for parties get plastic/ceramic plates that you can put in the dishwasher and use for any occasion. This helps keep landfills at bay since landfills can put harmful chemicals into the soil and affect the surrounding people. Not cool!

– Instead of drinking unhealthy soda take jugs or cartons (which are reusable) and put water in them. Cut up some fruits, add them in, and make your own flavored water! It is definitely more healthy for you than soda. (plus it tastes really good!) The funnest part is that you can add whatever fruit you want and if you don’t like it try different fruits!


– Donating old clothes, toys, and other items is a good way to not only not waste anything, but to also give back to your community in need.

– Creating a compost bin helps recycle any scraps while putting more nutrition in your soil. This especially helps with gardens which is a fun activity to do as a family. I used to help my mom with our small garden all the time and I loved being able to eat the carrots, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and our other vegetables when it came time to harvest them!

– You can also order a recycle bin from your town and recycle any clothes, shoes, batteries, paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, metal, glass, and appliances. Some of these items need to go to special places because of the chemicals in them that need to be stripped away before recycling.

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