Lightbulb Savings



These are the lightbulbs that most people use in their homes. The lifespan of this lightbulb is  750 hours or just 31 days. Just think if you left your lights on 24/7 you’d have to keep changing these every month! What a waste! The monthly cost for a 40 watt bulb is $2.16. The monthly cost for a 60 watt bulb is $3.24!


The lifespan of a CLF is much longer than an incandescent lightbulb. CFLs last 10,000 hours or 416 days! If you kept this light on 24/7 you’d still have the same lightbulb for over a year! That’s definitely better than changing it every month. The monthly cost for a 9 watt bulb is $0.48, for a 13 watt bulb is $0.70, and for a 23 watt bulb is $1.24. You have a total savings of $45 over the life of just ONE bulb! Now think about how many bulbs you have in your home and you can estimate your savings!


The lifespan of these magnificent lightbulbs are 50,000 hours or 2,083 days. This comes out to be 5.7 years if you kept them on 24/7. The monthly cost for a 7 watt bulb is only $0.16! That is a grand total 0f $266 per bulb! As you can see these bulbs would be the ones to get since they use the least energy, saves you $266 each bulb, and saves you a trip to the store for a very long time.

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