The Economy and Green Advertising

Apparently the amount of advertising regarding environmental topics is positively correlated with the strength of the economy.  That is, the number of green advertisements increases during times when the economy is looking good or on the rise. This makes sense when you think about it, because when people are in a crisis situation, they simply are not receptive to devoting time and money to a project they do not consider to be top priority. The economy being poor can easily be considered a crisis situation for many, and such a situation pushes people into survival mode where all non-essential activities get back-burnered out of necessity.  It is clear, then, that environmental agencies, organizations, and companies have picked up on this fundamental aspect of human nature and used this information to better survive as an entity themselves. By reducing the amount of advertising that produces no business, these green groups save themselves some money, and are thus better off fiscally in the long run. This just goes to show that even environmental are not above the laws of the business world.

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