Styrofoam Cups: More Destructive than Convenient

My personal travel mug, a Captain America cup found at a comic book store!

Styrofoam cups are the cup of choice for many coffee shops due to their cheap price and disposable nature. They keep drive through lines short, keep your coffee warm, and prevent your hands from getting burned. However, these same helpful little cups are having a huge environmental impact on our planet. Unlike paper cups, styrofoam cups are not recyclable. In fact, they biodegrade so slow that 100 years from now a cup you discard today will still exist! Americans throw out 25 billion styrofoam cups per year, so 100 years from now there will be approximately 2,500,000,000,000 more styrofoam cups sitting still intact in landfills!

However, there is a way to avoid contributing to the ever growing styrofoam waste problem, you can buy a travel mug. Travel mugs are typically made out of sturdy plastic or metal and can be washed and reused many times. They come in an almost endless selection of styles and colors and are easily purchased at most department stores or online. You can even find customizable ones to match you’re personal style!

Having a travel mug will reduce greatly the number of styrofoam cups you throw away while still providing you a safe way to store hot beverages. Even if you just get one cup of coffee a day, you’ll be saving 365 styrofoam cups from being dumped in a landfill.
Using a travel mug might slow down your morning routine, but not by much, and most coffee shops are more than willing to fill up your mug.

Check out your local department store or online shops such as Etsy or Amazon to find your perfect travel mug and start reducing your styrofoam use!

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