Taking Stock of Global Warming

Farm Drought

For those of you skeptics out there who do not think that global warming affects you directly, here’s something to think about. Heat waves and droughts worsened by global warming have caused health care cost and price increases for the middle class.  Most recently, however, global warming is starting to take a toll on the value of stocks from well-loved American companies.  On July 20th, the stocks of the restaurant industry took a hit.  The stock of Chipotle, one of America’s most treasured brands, plummeted over 20%, and even the global mogul McDonalds suffered a loss.  As global warming continues to cause severe weather and climate changes, and as food prices correspondingly rise, restaurants will be forced to continue upping prices for consumers.  And as all industries are linked, this struggle in agriculture will trickle down into many other industries as well, raising prices on everything from farm equipment to oil.  So if you needed another reason to become more energy-efficient, keeping industry prices as low as possible in order to keep more money in your pocket is definitely one.



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