Some things you should know about solar!!

You may not know it, but you are living in one of, if not the most progressive state regarding the current and future use of alternative energies and energy technologies. Yes, it may be difficult to believe that Massachusetts is a leader in this area. In fact, our great state is practically paying you to use some of these energies. Right now, solar is making a big push… and there is no reason for you not to use the Sun’s energy every day!!


Why is this, you may say?

1. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY USING SOLAR ENERGY: Using solar energy can completely off-set your monthly utility bill. While the solar panels are installed on your home, you don’t pay your utilities provider, instead you pay the solar company for the lease of the solar panels (payments are equal-to or less than what you currently pay to your utility company).

2. SOLAR ENERGY WILL NEVER RUN OUT: If there is one thing that is certain in today’s world, it’s that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning. So is there really a reason as to why you are not already using this to your advantage?!

3. FINANCING OPTIONS ARE MORE THAN AFFORDABLE: One of the financing options our partners provide is $O money down to you. Who ever said solar energy is too expensive?

4. BECOME MORE ENERGY INDEPENDENT: Solar is a great and inexpensive alternative energy which makes your home more eco-friendly, sustaineble, and saves you money!!

5. NO MAINTENANCE OR REPAIRS: For the term of your contract, you will not be liable for any maintenance or repair work on the solar panels. The company from whom you lease the panels will take care of everything for you!


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