Recycle Your Ink!

Recycle your used ink cartridges!

We all use ink cartridges, whether we have to deal with them directly or not.  What most people do not realize, however, are the damages that improperly-discarded ink cartridges can do to ecosystems.  About 2.5 million ink cartridges are recycled and re-used in recycling plants annually, but the other 10 million are simply tossed into landfills with other discards.  The problem with this practice is that not only are landfills filling rapidly due to a large percentage of plastic products, but also these cartridges are wreaking real havoc on ecosystems.  Animals mistake the cartridges for food, and the ink leaks into the water, poisoning the soil for generations to come.  It is, once again, well past the time that people should take action.  Recycling your ink cartridges, or encouraging your business to do so, is not a difficult endeavor; it actually even holds benefits.  We all know how expensive ink cartridges can be, so do yourself and the environment a favor and bring your used ink cartridges to Staples to be recycled.  You’ll essentially get $2 back for each cartridge you recycle, and there are other similar programs through office supply companies and printer-manufacturers.  It could not be easier.  Check out the program at and start saving money and our ecosystems.

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