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Energy efficient televisions


Quality of life as an American very much depends on television. While the merits of TV are certainly up for dispute, there is no dispute that blaring televisions do a number on our electric bill each month.  Don’t fret, because there’s a simple solution! Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly televisions are becoming more and more popular, as they have recently become available to consumers. Jaquelyn Otteman, the author of the book “The New Rules of Green Marketing,” notes that green products simply do not sell if they are marketed solely for their environmental benefits. The only way to sell ecofriendly technology is to focus primarily on how such devices can save consumers money. This logic also applies to the new LCD flat-screens with LED backlighting and built-in WiFi.  Such devices are engineered by EnergyStar to be so efficient that they only consume the amount of energy used to power a 75-watt light bulb. So head on out to your local electronic store and check out these new efficient televisions. It’s just one more thing that you can do for the environment and your wallet.

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