Websites to Check out: TreeHugger and Wired

There are an almost endless amount of websites to browse on the web, and there are increasing numbers of those sites with sections, or their entire page dedicated to sustainability or the environment. Two of my favorite sites to visit that fall under this category are TreeHugger and Wired. is a site dedicated to the environment. With sections covering diverse topics such as design, technology, living, transportation, and energy there is something for every kind of green enthusiast. Articles are posted regularly on each section of the site, and are never a dull read. I’d suggest checking out TreeHugger for everything from tips to living sustainably all the way to reviews on furniture designs made from recycled materials. is very different from TreeHugger. It’s site isn’t strictly dedicated to the environment, and there isn’t even really a section for the environment or sustainability. However, articles about the environment do pop up fairly often, and they are always incredibly interesting. What I really like about Wired’s articles is that they generally go into a lot of detail about the subject matter. This means you’re likely to get some facts, and statistics, which is something I look for in articles. Also, since a massive amount of Wired’s site is dedicated to technology, you can also expect to find some really interesting articles about cutting edge innovations!

Both of these sites are worth checking out if you are at all interested in environmentalism, technology, or sustainability.

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