Population and Consumption Impact

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Population and consumption are the main factors on impact that people have on the world. Now which has the greater impact: More Developed Countries or Lower Developed Countries? Most people would say lower developed countries because they hold 75% of the world’s population, although that is not the correct answer. More developed countries consume much more at a greater rate then lower developed countries. Some shocking knowledge is that a child in a more developed country consumes as much as 10-20 children in a lower developed country! Another shocking statement is that the richest 20% of people consume 80% of the resources. More developed countries consume large amounts because of the lifestyle that is portrayed. We have a shop-till-you-drop kind of attitude. Isn’t that what black Friday is all about?

To have a lesser impact on the environment we need to do a variety of actions. One very obvious action is to consume less! Some ways to consume less are to use reusable cups/mugs. Bring a mug to your local coffee shop and have them fill that up instead. Styrofoam is made out of polystyrene and that is the “5th largest creator of hazardous waste” (High Country Conservation Center). It could help save animals especially if they use Styrofoam because it’s not biodegradable.

Another way to consume less is to buy items only when you need them. An example would be vacationing. You don’t need to buy individual shampoos because you’re going on vacation for a week. Most (if not every) hotel supplies you with some. Instead you can bring the family’s big bottle on vacation. It saves you money and creates less of an impact on the environment. Then instead of throwing away the bottle when it’s done you can wash it out and recycle it! Thus even more reducing your family’s impact!

Trying to reduce your impact on the environment is hard, especially when you first start. Although with time and perseverance it can be done. Start out doing something small like not getting the Styrofoam cup with your iced coffee or buying items two to four days a week. Then once you get used to it try and bring your reusable cup every day!

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