Garden or Eyesore? Tulsa Decides This Question With a Bobcat

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Denise Morrison is a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is also a gardener. Her gardens in both the front and back yard at one point boasted over 100 varieties of edible plants. However, due to rash action by Tulsa officials most of that garden is gone. It all started last August when Denise received a letter from the city stating that someone had complained about her yard. Fearing for the fate of her garden, Denise took pictures of the various edible species present in it and took it to the city inspectors to explain the purpose of her garden. Their reaction was to inform her that everything in her front yard needed to go.

Now even more concerned about her garden, Denise called the police who issued her a citation so she could face the city in court. When she went to court the judge told her and  the city to return in October to settle the issue. So Denise’s garden was safe for at least a few months.

Or so she assumed. Instead she woke up the next day to city workers using a Bobcat to mow down her entire garden. Denise acted fast, and pulled out a camera to document the work that clearly went against the court’s decision to hold off on the issue until October. Recently, she has also filed a civil suit against the city for illegally destroying her property.

Denise Morrison’s garden was a source of food, of medicine, and of well being during a time she was unemployed and unable to otherwise provide for herself. What the city of Tulsa did to her garden may not seem like the biggest piece of news to observers, but to this woman it was the destruction of her world.

For more information about this case as well as information on how to help Denise replant her garden, check out the article on TreeHugger.

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