DIY Gifts: A Few Helpful Tips for Picking the Right One

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Right now all overt the world, money is tight. This is especially true for middle and lower class families in America. So when birthdays or holidays come up we are left with the daunting task of buying gifts for our loved ones without breaking the bank. One increasingly popular strategy for inexpensive gift giving is to make a DIY (do it yourself) craft instead of buying something new. There are thousands, if not millions of different DIY gift ideas out there and a lot of the time they can help you create beautiful, handmade gifts. However, these gifts take extra time to make, and if you don’t know what you’re getting into can end up costing you more than a store bought gift. To help you navigate the waters of DIY tutorials here are a few tips for selecting the perfect DIY  project to make.

1.) Before you begin your search, write down any basic requirements you have in regards to making your gift. This could be things such as, “I can only spend $20 total on this project”  “ I only want to use recycled materials for this project” or “I want to make something involving flowers.” Once you have your basic criteria written down you can begin your search.

2.) Using a search engine look for “DIY gifts” plus the most important of your requirements. So if cost is your biggest worry, you’d search something like, “DIY gifts you can make for under $20” Or if protecting the planet is your biggest concern you could search for something like, “DIY gifts made from recycled materials”

3.) Go through your search results until you find a project that fits your needs. Take your time with this part, you don’t want to end up with a project you don’t actually want to do. Also, you may need to change what you’re searching for a few times before you find a project you like so don’t be discouraged.

4.) Once you’ve found the project you want to do, bookmark it on your browser and read through it carefully. Take note of the materials you need to complete the project, as well as how long it will take you to complete it. If it helps you, print out the instructions and any pictures that go along with it for reference when you actually begin the project.

5.) Now you’re ready to start your project! Purchase any materials you may need and set a time to work on it! And most importantly, have fun! DIY crafts are supposed to be enjoyable to make so make the most of it.

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