A Few Tips for the Thrift Store Shopper

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Fashion is something that I personally have a passion for, and often I find myself scouring the web or magazines for what the newest, hottest looks are. And increasingly those hot, fresh looks are throwbacks to outfits my Nana would’ve worn. This is good news for thrift store shoppers, since places like Savers or Salvation Army are gold mines of vintage clothing. Not to mention they are much cheaper than buying newly made clothing from your local mall. I’ve always loved buying second hand because of the decreased cost and the green nature of shopping vintage. However, it isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years searching the shelves at Savers.

1.) Be prepared to be there a while. Thrift stores are great places to shop, but they aren’t always organized in your typical department store fashion. Usually they’ll be organized by garment type and approximate size and there will be a lot to sift through. The sheer amount of clothing present in a store like Savers or Salvation Army may seem daunting but if you really dig you’ll probably find something amazing!

2.) Look at everything. Generally when you go shopping for clothing it’s with a certain garment in mind. Whether it be a new shirt for work, or a pair of sneakers, there’s usually always something you’re focused on buying. However when you shop at a thrift it’s a better idea to go into it with a very open mind. Because the clothes are second hand they may not have your size in a specific garment so don’t get your hopes up! Instead, go shopping without a list, and see what gems the store has to offer.

3.) Don’t be freaked out by the fact the clothes are all used. Most of the thrift stores I’ve shopped at wash everything before they get put on the shelves so you aren’t buying dirty sweaty clothing. Plus, one extra wash at home will make the garment as good as new!

4.) Keep an eye out for small, local thrift stores. A lot of times the small thrift stores have the most unique items. So look out for any local thrift stores in your area and support small businesses while buying vintage.

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