Solar Outdoor Showering

Enjoy a refreshing shower outdoors in sun-warmed water before and after your swim or just showering when getting up in the morning. Solar showers are eco-friendly and soak up the sun’s energy and warms the water inside. All you need to do is simply mount the shower anywhere within reach of a garden hose. Then, hook it up, fill it up and let the sun go to work. No expensive installation or pluming required.

You see each year our friends and  families spend vacations at Cape Cod or Jersey Shore, Florida or the West Coast. Well after a long day at the beach there is nothing better than to take a shower to wash away the sand and cool down. And it can be even more enjoyable in a outdoor shower where the sky is above you and the  sounds of nature surrounding you.  Whenever the temperatures are above freezing outdoor showering can be fantastic and great for the environment. All of the gray water from your shower goes back into the ground and helps water your lawn. Also another great benefit to outdoor showering is seeing yourself taking shorter showers because of the chillier mornings, you will be less inclined to use as much water. There are also benefits for yourself as well. When you use an outdoor shower, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning your indoor one. The environment around you will be your cleaner!

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