Goodsociety Jeans, Green and Socially Conscious Fashion

In our society we spend a massive amount of time consuming. We eat food, we buy electronics, and very often we buy clothes. And usually when we buy all of these things there isn’t any exchange happening other than handing over money and receiving a good. However, there are a few companies in different industries trying to change that. One example from the fashion world is Goodsociety Jeans.

Goodsociety Jeans gives a quarter of their profits to three different charity initiatives for each pair of Jeans bought. And when you consider the fact that their Jeans sell for about $100 each, that’s a pretty big donation!

The Jeans themselves are made from 100% organic cotton from a group of 1000 sustainable, independent farmers in India. Their denim also uses only natural dyes for a minimal assortment of washes to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process. Another cool thing about Goodsociety is that their factories are all fair trade meaning their employees are paid fair wages, work in safe environments, and they do not use child labor.

The three charity initiatives they give to include The SA Foundation, an organization helping young girls who are at risk for being/have been trafficked in the sex trade learn life skills and have safe housing, The Dalit Freedom Network, and organization in India helping the exploited and oppressed Dalit people, or the “Untouchables” as they are commonly known, and Child of Mine, a group of two children’s homes in Himachal Pradesh, (an area in the lower Himalayas) that together raise 210 children and give them educations and opportunities they would not receive otherwise.

On Goodsociety’s website you can view descriptions of the projects your purchase is helping, as well as directly donate to the individual projects as you wish.

You can purchase jeans on Goodsociety’s site or you can use their store locator to find a retailer near you. So if you are willing to spend about $100 on a high quality pair of jeans then I suggest you check out Goodsociety. They are organic, eco-friendly, and more importantly they are people friendly, giving back to the world’s neediest.

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