Earthships- a One-Stop Shop for Creating a Sustainable Home

Have you wanted to create a sustainable utopia to live in but don’t think it’s possible?

Don’t give up, it does exist.

Earthships are as low-impact as it gets when it comes to building a home.

Building materials include recycled materials (including old car tires, cans and bottles for the walls and foundation) and whatever building materials are indigenous to the region (mud, logs, rock, etc).  Earthships are designed to use passive solar heating and cooling,  and rainwater catchment and greywater systems, so that inhabitants can nix their heating and cooling bills and use water off the grid.  Homes also use solar and/or wind power to produce electricity. The built-in greywater systems are perfect for creating an indoor garden so dwellers can have fresh-as-it gets local produce all year round, too.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

These homes are beyond LEED certified, and yes, they pass building codes, too. Prices for Earthships are comparable to conventional houses, but they include all of the above.

Earthship designers also retrofit old buildings using the same design principles.


Not quite ready to build a home, but still want to learn more?

The Earthship Education Facility in New Mexico hosts internship opportunities each month!


P.S. They’re also earthquake proof. Here is an account from an Earthship dweller in Chile from April 28th:

“I’m from Chile two weeks ago we had an earthquake of 6/7 richter, our tire wall stand without problems and our wall is just tires no concrete on it … enough evidence for me that Earthships are earthquake-proof.”

And for lots more information, see their website:

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