Save Water, Flush Less

Thinking of redoing your plumbing anytime soon? Did you know that supplying fresh water and cleaning it up after its use is most cities’ largest uses of electricity?

With a regular toilet, you use anywhere between five and seven gallons each time you flush. Imagine drinking that same amount of water each time you flush. Hard to balance the ins and outs with that kind of excess water use.

Starting in the 90’s, low flush toilets or low-flow toilets have become more and more popular as we’ve started to realize just how much water we’ve been using on our porcelain thrones. Many low flush toilets have two different flush settings (dual flush toilets) depending on what you need to flush. The lighter flush setting on most use only around 1.6 gallons and just 3 gallons for the heavier setting. These amendments can save up to 67% of water used if the toilet is used properly.

Now for the real goodies…

There’s a waterless option! Have you been composting recently? Composting toilets are making a comeback from the good old days of outhouses. Just as you can compost your food scraps, you can install a composting toilet to digest your digested.

That’s right. WIth a composting toilet, your waste can be made as innocuous as dirt. Just as your compost breaks down when you add some carbon matter, add some sawdust to your poo and it’ll do just the same. Many composting toilets also have a urine diverting system so that your liquid gold (full of nitrogen, mind you) can be used in the garden if you choose it to be.

Now that’s thinking full cycle!

To read up on using urine in your garden check out the author who installed my composting toilet- 

And for more on composting toilets:


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