Local food: There is indeed an App for that

I recently became the proud owner of an iPhone, finally joining the millions of people around the world who own smart phones. One feature I immediately started playing with was the ability to download apps. At first I downloaded some pretty common apps,  camera filters, games, and social networking apps but soon I began to wonder if I could find any apps to help me live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Well with a few quick searches in the app store I found one app that I find particularly useful. This app is called Locavore, and its purpose is to help you find fresh, in season, locally grown foods. Locavore works by first using your phone to pin point your location, and then loads several screens based on that information. The first screen is the “In season” screen. As its name suggests, this screen is where you can find a list of the fruits and vegetables that are currently in season in your area, as well as a list of fruits and veggies that will soon be in season. The next screen is called “I Ate Local” and consists of a feed full of user reviews of farms, markets, and restaurants that serve local food within 150 miles, 500 miles, and from all over the world.

The third screen is the one I find most helpful, the “Markets” screen. This is an interactive map that lists local farmers markets and farms in the area. When you click on one of the pins on the map, the name of the establishment, what you can get there, and directions are revealed.

This app is pretty helpful for someone trying to begin to buy locally and buy in season products. It’s a great starting point, and definitely a useful tool!

For more info, check out Locavore’s website here.


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