Linköping, Sweden’s “Vertical Greenhouse”: Revolutionizing Urban Farming

Plantagon, an agricultural design firm, is currently constructing a building in Linköping, Sweden. But this building isn’t going to hold offices, apartments, or hotel rooms. Instead this building will become a “vertical greenhouse” actively producing food for the city.

The 17 story glass building, due to be finished in 2013, is a new innovation geared to combat the world’s increasing lack of land for traditional agriculture. The building will serve as a food bank for the area, actively driving the costs, both monetary and environmental, down.

The main technology used in the design of the building is something called an internal “transportation helix.” This spiraling conveyer system holds all of the greenhouse building’s plants, and rotates them during the day to allow for optimum sun exposure.

The designers at Plantagon are confident that this building will begin a revolution in urban farming, and will make the city of Linköping self sufficient.

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