Why should you use Bamboo?

Hey environmentalist, have you ever thought about using bamboo products in your home. There are many great uses other than a household plant. Did you know bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly building materials there is. It’s sturdy and solid, yet it grows extremely fast and is therefore rapidly renewable. Bamboo is a group of woody perennial evergreen plants. It is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. In a single day, a bamboo plant can grow an average of up to 60 centimeters (about 23.6 inches), and certain species have been measured to grow as much as 121 centimeters (about 47.6 inches) in one 24-hour period. When treated, bamboo can form a very hard, lightweight, but durable wood    which can be used for construction, architecture, decoration, and   more. A big question/concern for a lot of people is “Chopping down and  Harvesting the bamboo, doesn’t that hurt the surrounding ecosystem and depleting  the giant pandas food”? Well bamboo shoots will  spend the first year of there life stretching upwards, after which they begin to dry and harden and begin sprouting branches and leaves. After their second year, the shoots continue to harden even more, shedding their young sheath layers and becoming fully mature bamboo plants. After 5 to 8 years, bamboo shoots begin to decay and die, usually do to  fungus and mould. Because of their short life-cycle, bamboo is best harvested between its 3rd and 7th years. As far a it depleting the giant panda food supply would be hard to do. The giant panda can eat 25 different types of bamboo, however it will usually only will eat 4. Which are typically located in the higher elevations of the  Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu mountain range provinces.

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