Think Solar Energy is Out of Your League? Think Again

There’s something sexy about solar panels. Maybe it’s their ultra modern space-tech chic, or the way they tend to compliment the features of nearly any house by turning a dull and dowdy  roof into a sleek piece of energy-producing hardware, or the fact that that the energy they produce is clean and renewable, or maybe it’s a combination of all of these things and more. Like that girl (or guy) they never had the nerve to ask out, however, many people are intimidated by solar power, fearing, for one reason or another, that solar energy is out of their league.

While, yes, it may be true that solar energy isn’t right or even a possibility for everyone at this point in time, it is also true that solar energy is far less intimidating, and far more accessible than some might think.

Consider some of the benefits of solar:

Solar energy is a green and renewable source of alternative energy, derived solely from the rays of the sun, allowing users to reduce their dependence on nonrenewable and environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

Solar energy is very efficient, and can be harnessed to produce electricity wherever the sun shines, which is virtually everywhere, save, maybe England (or so I’ve heard).

Solar energy can help protect users against increases in utility costs by reducing (or partially eliminating) dependence on the electrical grid.

Due to national, state, and local incentives aimed at promoting renewable energy in the U.S., along with financing available through solar suppliers, solar energy is now more affordable than ever, and for some users, can even be profitable.

Depending on the supplier, some solar companies even offer leasing or solar-as-utility options, requiring little or no money up front, while still allowing users to save money, and the planet.

Still not sold on solar? Click here to see listings of solar incentives and rebates offered state-by-state, or check with a solar supplier near you for details on solar financing.Solar

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