Does “sell by” really mean “discard on”

The U.S. population today is at 313,232,434 people according to the U.S Census Bureau . For a lot of us, throwing out food is just as an afterthought. In some wealthier countries particularly, food is tossed out whether it is a leftover meal from last night.  Or sometimes even if the expiration date has passed by just one day. But does “sell by” really mean “bad by”? You go to the supermarket there is the abundance of food everywhere, causing us to be less conservative. We are so accustomed due to luxury of supermarkets to take no chances and blindly trust the date printed on the package rather than our own nose. There is no exactly precise way of  predicting when food will go bad. There are great tips we can use to reduce our wastefulness of food:

1. Keep your fridge uncluttered

If you can’t see the hummas you might forget to eat it. Rotate your older items to the front of the fridge to be used first.

2. Make French Toast

The classic recipe uses slightly stale bread; bread pudding and bread crumbs serve the same purpose. Banana bread similarly makes use of old bananas

3. Decline the “extras” at restaurants

Once the bread basket hits your table, it can no longer be served to others, so speak up if you’d rather skip the carbo-loading before the main meal. Similarly, if you’re not going to eat the fries that come with your meal, let your server know.

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