Getting Your Little One To Get Involved In Going Green

By,Diamond Roderick

Getting Your Little One To Get Involved In Going Green

encourage them to save energy remind them to shut off their lights when not in a certain room of the house and unplug any appliances not being used example their gaming systems, toasters etc (pretty soon they will start reminding you to do it daily ).

Ask your little one to turn off the water when brushing their teeth.

If your child’s a little older encourage them to ride a bike , take the buss to school saves you some gas and gives them some exercise daily .

Explain to your kids that every bottle and can they use is waste that just sits in a big pile at the local dump if we don’t recycle. Get them involved by making it their job to sort recyclables and take them out for pickup

Don’t throw away the food your child or you dose not finish at the dinner table , You can buy a compost-er And compost it for your garden this makes your soil richer and your fruits and Veggies will grow with ease (Eliminates Waste & Creates More Food ).

Have your little one look threw their things and donate what toys , clothing they don’t use anymore for whatever reason, explain to them that there is other children that would love to have them .

Decorate a reusable bag to create individualism when shopping with your little one also have a craft night with your family but only use recycled items

Here Are two Great Sites you can get some ideas from !!!!!

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