Green-“ening” your garden

With spring closing in, the days will be getting longer,  weather conditions becoming nicer. Our outdoor recreational activates beginning , what are you planning on doing. Have you thought about creating an organic garden? Have you tried creating a compost pile it’s very easy? When you go out to nursery or greenhouse to buy your soil  have you ever stopped and read the ingredients in the bag? You’d be surprised how many of the items you could easily add yourself. Just by simply composting/recycling your biodegradable food waste into your garden is a great way to add  nutrition and crucial needed minerals that your soil may not have other wise. Organic soil can allow for you garden to grow, healthier, stronger and last longer with more harvests.   Items such as coffee grounds and their filters, vegetable scraps, fruit rinds & peels, paper napkins and other common kitchen items.  Creating a compost bin is very simple here are some materials you will need:

  1. 1. Buy any size tub with a tight fitted lid
  2. 2. Drill some small air holes in the side  (allowing venting)
  3. 3. Make a few tiny holes in the bottom to allow drainage
  4. 4. Then add shredded newspaper or napkins, kitchen scraps or worms
  5. 5. Allow the worms to work their magic (2-3 month)


Check out this website for more information on creating and marinating a compost pile.                                                    

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