Glacier(less) national Park

Glacier National park is one of the USA’s more stunning national parks with its vast landscape full of giant glaciers. However, recent studies along with numerous photographs over the years are suggesting that as soon as 2030, Glacier National park will in fact be glacier-less.
Due to global climate change, and the resulting rise in temperatures, there are currently only 26 of the original 150 glaciers remaining in the park. This can be best seen through the USGS’s “Repeat Photography Project” which had its start in 1997. This project began with finding as many historic photos of Glacier park’s glaciers and then taking a series of photos of the same glaciers over several years. The images that result are striking. From the 1930s through the 80s and 90s you can see massive glaciers disappear before your eyes.
This series of photographs really captures the true impact of global climate change, and is definitely an eye opener.

To see more of the Repeat Photography Project click here

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